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List of Punjabian Monarchs

Nawabs of Punjab were from the royal chain of Mughal Kings.  The first Nawab of Punjab was Bidar Dil, the son of Prince Bidar Bakht. Bidar Bakht was most famous grandson of Aurangzeb the Great. During war of succession between sons of Aurangzeb after his death,  Bidar Bakht was killed by Bahadur Shah I forces along his father Muhammad Azam Shah, the Emperor of India.

The names of these Nawabs are given as below:

*Bidar Dil Mirza, first Nawab of Punjab.
*Nawab Humayun Bakht,  adopted title of "Emperor"
* Nawab Muhammad Ali I, gain control over many Sikh Misls.
*Nawab Noor-ud-din Muhammad Ali II, lost much area's to Sikh.
*Nawab Nassur-u-ddin Khan, made treaty of Misls with Ranjit Singh.
*Nawab Hakim Shah Jahan, last Nawab of Punjab.
Last Nawab of Punjab